Friday, 29 January 2010

Make Money Take Money...

I was approached by Concrete Hermit last year to see if I would be
interested in participating in a show at the Conran shop in Tokyo
with a bunch of other artists, I said yes, and have just finished packing
up the results to be shipped off... Can't make it for the opening but
I'm sure it will all go swimmingly. The above is one of the pieces
for the show it's called 'Cause'... The other artists involved are,

always down-wind.

'With one man climbing a tree to feed the birds'...

Neil just sent thru this friday bout of hilarity...

Monday, 18 January 2010

Drink it down...

The ICA have been in touch to see if I'd do one of their Heavy Pencil,
drinking & drawing events, the idea is that we draw while extracting
content from the music that's played throught the evening, I said 'can
I have some free booze?' they said 'yes', so I accepted the challenge and
signed my studio chum Andy up to draw with (he drew the Lecter face
on the flyer)...

Friday, 15 January 2010

Postcard Book

Concrete Hermit just popped by with some of my new postcard books.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I'm involved in a presentation of workings in the Conran shop
in Tokyo in early Feb, along with the folks on the flyer...